Getting Involved

Join Us

We have, unfortunately, had several incidents over the last couple of weeks which we have been really struggling to attend to, basically because we are desperately short of active volunteers, this shortage is causing a potential threat to badgers lives.
If you can spare any time at all to help us, please contact us. You will certainly not be thrown in at the deep end, to start with you will just be attending to matters like roadkill etc with another member of the group, this is really important so that we can check if it is a female with cubs and it helps us understand where they are living and their movements. Perhaps you will not have the time to do any more than this, that is fine, just an hour or so a month or even less would be very, very helpful.
Many people have never seen a live badger, this may be the ideal opportunity to do so, being an active member involves visiting active setts.
Please join us!

Set Mapping

Join us in locating and logging badger sets in the West Midlands. This helps us to know where our badgers live, so that we can be sure they are safe.

Injured Badger Collection

If we get a report of an injured badger, for example a road traffic accident, we will collect the badger and take him or her to a wildlife vet.


We always need money to help us help badgers, we do stalls at events, sponsored events, raffles and tombolas.

Badger Watching

Help us understand the distribution of badgers in the West Midlands.